Our History

Stoneworks of Colorado  will be celebrating their 15th anniversary in October of 2021. What once started as a little shop with three employees has now transformed into one of the largest fabrication shops of northern Colorado. With just over 30 employees as well as 5 install crews, we welcome new business and are excited with the prospect of expanding Stoneworks of Colorado even more.

The Process

Choose what you’d like to be your focal point; if it’s countertops, start researching what material you’re interested in (granite/quartz are the most popular) and find pictures of kitchens, bathrooms, etc. that are appealing to you.

Know your product; if you’re redesigning and purchasing new cabinets, things such as unnecessary seams and additional slabs can be avoided by understanding what you need. For example, slab sizes vary so try to keep your Island smaller than your slab selected to avoid a large seam in your beautiful centerpiece.

To figure a bid, we need customer information, plans, as well as what material you’re interested in. If you know other details such as which sinks you’d like (self rimming or under-mount), edge details and if you’d like stone backsplash, that will help make your bid more accurate.

Once all details are finalized such as material selection, edge details, etc, we’ll create a contract reflecting the previous pricing discussed. We require a signed copy of the contract as well as 50% deposit. Once received, your information will be passed along to our scheduler to figure template and install dates.

How exciting! You’ve made it so far and soon you’ll have beautiful new countertops. Our specialist will visit your home and take exact measurements of your countertops to fabricate off.

You’re finally here! Along come your brand new, breathtaking countertops! Our installers will place and fit your countertops accordingly- keep in mind this is construction so sometimes it can get a little messy; bear through this part until the end!